The Ballad of Yung Mugen


The Acidity Tape

Me, myself, and I be schemin...

Me, myself, and I be schemin

Yo cap I'm gon get to peeling

Yo raps just sound


Already know what I'm meaning

What the fuck these pussies thinking

Pussy got to fuckin stinking

Body got to fuckin sinking

Already know what I be thinking

Metal got to fuckin tinging


The fat lady singing

What the fuck you talkin bout

All I hear is that you blinging

But they ain't really saying shit

This the ballad of mugen

Also known as prosperous

I just build my tolerance

To the drugs and ignorance

They say ignorance is bliss

But I don't believe in it

Cause knowledge is power

And power is power

And once you have power

All of the haters stay sour

Get paid by the minute

And not by the hour

Stay smoking my flower

Ain't got no time to wait for cowards

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