Move On

GDS Sade


All of my niggas they ready to go...

All of my niggas they ready to go

If you ever cross me then you never will know

That I’m plotting I’m taking this season to go

Imma glow in ya face while you stuck in the snow

Nigga why you talking all up in my face like that

Knowing Damn well that you ain’t really like that

Barking up the wrong tree knowing imma bite back

Fuck that better fight to come and get ya bitch back

Sike I’m just playing you know I’m just speaking

But take it to heart then I know how you breeded

I’m from the city the Baltimore region

But niggas is wildn I'm out peace I’m leaving

The past in the past

And I live in the recent

thank god every day that I’m living with freedom

Im blessed from my people but I am not sneezing

I’m counting my blessings You hate for no reason

Nigga why you like that

I don't know

Maybe niggas needa get a grip

They slipping under pressure really I don't know

Nigga why you like that

Now I know

Niggas really tried to steal my flow

I had to switch it up and now I’m on a roll