The One



I know that I’m young ...

I know that I’m young

But that was pun

Cause children dying over everything

In the oven in the streets with all the beef they throwing heat

Gotta keep my little sister under sheets to keep the peace

While this orange mf in the house

I ain’t saying white

You know it ain’t right

This supremacy legacy has my mind in a deafening definition

Of definite different differences

Cause apparently the skin I walk in is talking

The force has me sky walking

Sky falling

I’ve seen it to often

In the dreams that I reconcile over pile

All these memories

Keep on tempting

Draining energy

What is left for me

But my enemy

Staring through the mirror

Punch that mf through the mirror


I see the image clearer

I hear a whisper

(Yeah you gotta be the one)

Yeah I️ gotta be the one

Yeah I gotta be the one

Yeah I gotta be the one