Kant Do*

J Vill$


Your girl in love with me ooo...

Your girl in love with me ooo

Your girl in love with me ooo

She fell in love w my game

Now she dealing with the pain

Every time I’m in the booth

You know I’m spittin that truth

Who the fuck said you could speak?

Pop me ah bean and I geek

Only good vibes around me

Stupid lil boy you ah tweak

You getting all my seconds

Life it be full of blessings

She fuck with me for the gualla

Said that she hungry for bread

So I took that bitch to bed

I’m feeling like a young boss

All of this money I toss

All of this green look like moss

I might just fuck on her friend

Running this shit till the end

I fell in love with blue strips

Want me to kiss on her lips

You know I can’t do that shit

So now she throwing a fit

Watch out don’t step on my kicks

Can't fuck with politics

My boys will pull up wit sticks

Any problem, yeah they solve it

Only concerned about profit

Fuck outta here with that nonsense

Speaking like I am a prophet

In that pussy go retarded

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