The Most Slept On - Prod. by MikeDBeatsByD

King Michael Kush

The Most Slept On

But I already crossed the finish...

But I already crossed the finish

Line you cant keep up with how I

Finish mines

Im back in sage mode with

All of this natural energy

Continuing destroying enemies

There's no defending me

With these 9 tails

I can tell who's taking L's

All of your faking fails

You should stop faking ya sells

I'm talking about dope

& what your albums sold

Im back with my Frogs

& toads

As I hold it down

With all ten toes

Too flow like this you must've been exposed

To all types of weather

And different temperatures

I perfected my crafts literature

As the delivery matured

I guess its since I'm now 24

Started recording at 16

8 years now

So you should know what that mean

I'm living out my dreams

It's The most slept on

Look here

Don't get your rest on

You need