Ryley Bisson


I'm wonderin...

I'm wonderin

I'm wandering

The motherfuckin streets, three in the morning junkies smoking on the tweak

Im sleeping on the concrete paranoid and pondering,the possabilities

Dope feinds and police lookin for me

Searching in the sky,but he still ignores me

Walking round like im the shit

Sinking in my glory

All these fake homies,thats a whole different story

Out to get me acting like you support me

I thought we were cool man, you fuckin disappoint me

Crack ya head open like a forty

Watch you bleed up on the ground

And watch you die slowly

With the devil standing on my shoulders

Cus I know I'm getting colder, bolder

Got em spreading like ebola

All up on my fuckin scrotum till I choke em

Cook em like granola in canola

Stackin verses like a totem

I told ya, my devotion was to smoke em and poke em

And keep my motives in focus, I roast em