Start It Off

O.K Dre x O.K Loach


Cuz we on that dog shit like Craig's pops...

Cuz we on that dog shit like Craig's pops

This is the big one like Red Foxx

Ya girl wanna connect like a XBox, Wifi or hotspot

Whatever I'm hot

Bad Boy I can't stop

Trinidad don't believe me just watch

Silent ball in the class, the ball I can't drop

Or I’m out, like I'm off the clock

I’m on point like connect the dot

And ya girl a thot, a thot, da thot, dada da thot, dada da thot

How you Start It Off bro, how you Start It Off?


(O.K Loach get em)

Start It Off like a tip off

Niggas getting pissed off

Got ya bitch in my call log

Too much swag might drop off

Go to work no call off

Team looking good we jus balling in the playoffs

Quick scope wit the QuickDraw

Ima dog no four paw play a game

I’m the jig saw vs me you risk all

Till they free my nigga Dion fuck law

(Fuck Law)

Play ya dominating watching us thy stimulating

My mind activating the beast is concentrating

Watching us thy spectating

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