Ace Clarke


I often wonder...

I often wonder

Sit to my thoughts & ponder

What if we could move boulders?

Super soldiers wit a brain like a Supernova

I’m team no sleep like Folgers!

So unheard of

The ways I describe my notebook

What if Eve never met that garden serpent?

Let’s say I time travelled and switched it will I love what I did or will I be homesick?

I’m wylen

Let’s be clear on topics

I see change my optics

How to accomplish?

The world has much to polish

The courage to acknowledge is the start of process

The textbooks where they feed kids this garbage

Algebra never helped me do my taxes

White cloaks still here today by the masses but they tell you crips and bloods harassing

The gassing

We live in a world where I fear cops before the criminals

We got Trump in office telling cops to be more physical

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