Man of the House


Who Am I

Also the year I graduated...

Also the year I graduated

Quit my 9-5 cuz with that I barely made it

Followed my dreams so I practiced prayer and patience

When my family got impatient, almost turned me to a patient

It’s words that cut deep that make you feel like they hate you

Especially when there's no male figure to relate too

Lacked a father figure

I became a father figure,

I wanted to make it far and earn figures so I figured that I’d

Take my emotions of being hurt and lonely

Share it world give yal my testimony

Strive to be great and learn from his mistakes

Embrace all my struggles

Pops I still love you

As TIMES change

LIFE change

WE change

But when LOVE change things will never be the same

I smile on the things that was once good

Think of distant memories of my childhood