Shudder 2.0





Pressure From This Anxiety's Pushed Me Close To The Edge

It's got's Me Fighting For Life Like Im Conversing With Death

I've Been Lose For Words, Steady Blank In My Mind

Always Thinking The Worse, Lately My Visions Been Blind

Maybe I've Gotten To Jaded

And Slowly I Began Fading

I Gave My Life To God And Now These Demons Invading

The Water Was Pure But Somehow I Was Still Drowning

I Never Question My Faith, Just Gotta Watch My Surroundings

Sometimes The Company You Keep, Will Slowly Creep Through The Grass

Premeditate The Sneak To Take Your Cash And Then Dash

Ive Been Speaking The Truth Like I Was Serving The Sermon

Didnt Expect My Return Must've Been Blind To The Warnings