Feel It In The Air

Cor Fargo


I shed tears when my brothers lost they life...

I shed tears when my brothers lost they life

One sittin in a cell my other brother he done died

Steady Stressin over bitches that was never gonna ride

I be feeling like a nigga bout to lose it all inside

Serving fiends to find a way

Pressing work to catch a play

Tryna keep a steady job cuz my PO ain’t tryna play

He wanna send me back upstate so I could be another number

I can’t trust another soul

nigga thank my baby mother

I ain’t using me having a felony as excuses

But nigga look at how I’m limited by all these rules

And I ain't say I'm giving up but a nigga got these feelings

But they say I'm too emotional, I say I'm very passionate

Counting 20 bands in 10th grade, it was average shit