Major Mellow out Mexico

Teach respect for ill Anomalies livin soulful...

Teach respect for ill Anomalies livin soulful

I keep it posted and chilling

Gotta watch my folks though

They coming out the crevices and cuts

Slap a nigga in cuffs

Or leave your body stiff

Ain't that some shit?!

But steady living in it

Free motherfuckers but they mind frames isn't

Blaring cannons with impactful entries

So never gain an interest

But fell upon those hustler intentions to kill shit

While still minding my business

Now listen

The stoned roller keep it flowing in these silent moments

Just spittin poems

Hope these trials will never take my focus

Court systems don't appeal to niggas if you haven't noticed

Majorly mellow motives

Can I accrue the tokens

Without a problem from a nigga who comes out of pocket?

Or pull a 9 from his back one?

And clean my shit so quick

Police couldn't trace the fingerprints

I swear these trials a trip

I pray I make it from this dollar scraping