Saint Gio

Gio finnesin

Money Made Me

Feeling like a saint ...

Feeling like a saint

With my fucking goyard

Got that 30 on my name

I be doley on gawd

Iced out

Never disrespect

Put ur life out

Red dot beam

Now u dead now

Late night All talk

Put ur lights out

I do not know yall

I do not

I do not

I do not

I do not

I do not

I do not

Know y’all

Y’all do not know me

Don’t say that y’all know me

I shoot at them niggas Ginobli

I’m balling

Did it all doley

ya niggas is phoney

I’m posted in ozone

You know where to find me

Ima clout god

Better pop out

Shawty bad

Got that ass made it drop down

Shawty bad

Finna shoot my shots

Like my glocks out

Don’t give a fuck

Shawty cuffed

Knock her locks out

Once I walk in

All attention

Like a lock down

Got the whole squad

Throwing shots

Till the mob down

Fuck em (pause beat)

Niggas is bugging

I’m the best out

Dropping hits like it’s nothing

You know I’m bussin

I keep it a hunnet

I’m aiming for riches

Make sure that it’s doublin