Fastlane Louie


I'm just tryna get how I live...

I'm just tryna get how I live

Bunch of 100s

Bunch of 20s

Couple 10s

See a bad chick tell her bring her friends

They let a bunch of real niggas innn

We chasing money getting busy tryna do my thang

Wen they see the level up I bet they mood change

See em watching from the side tryna use my slang

Top down screaming money ain't thang

So wat you wanna do hope you got some funds wit you

I got a bad bitch I'm tryna have fun wit 2

So she can walk on by prolly run to you

But she gone still report home wen she done wit youuuu

So what's the game plan

You know I'm a changed man

I ain't tryna move back or make her 2 step

I ain't thinking bout tomorrow baby who next

You know I ride for my dawgs we don't chose sets

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