Yellow Eyes

The Yellow Eyed Demon

Fuck a non believer...

Fuck a non believer

Take ya straight to Shiva

I’ll provide her

With a pair a cleavers

Watchin’ catastrophic demeanor

Picked a part like a pair a tweezers

Have you prayin’

Straight to Jesus

Believe me nigga

We won’t tease ya

Droppin’ all the Julius Caesars

Breakin’ all the parts of your femur

Hang intestines, just like streamers

My intentions were clearly meaner

Than the wrath of a fuckin’ beaner

Standin’ on his last leg

Fighting oppression from his leaders

That’s the power of all these pieces

Put together

To form this thesis

That you’ll

Remain facetious

That we

Will reign, believe us

Be Screamin shit like yeezus

All my niggas in the bleachers

Wanna to bleed yo shit like leeches

Women march

Just for peace in

A world

Clearly receding

We turn

All into heathens

Watch plots

And you’ll believe in

Pop shots

And you’ll be heavin’