Zay Zito


Fucked A lot Of Hoes...

Fucked A lot Of Hoes

They Like How I Drip

Hit Another Lick

Pull Up On Ya Bitch

Then She Gone Hop Up In The Whip

I Came From The Bottom

And I Ain’t Never Had Shit


Tell Em What I Did

Fucked A lot Of Hoes

Did A lot Of Shit

They Ain’t Really Want Me

Now They On My Dick

Swiping like A Monthly

Now She Hitting Licks

Now She Say She Love Me

But I Gotta Dip


Been there since a baby

Now They Wanna Pay Me

Got My Young Niggas Going Crazy

Ima Floss God

And I Could Never Let Them Phase Me

Did Alotta Shit

N I Swear It Feel Amazing

I Be On The Grind 7 Days A Week

That’s Why Niggas Hate Me

Came From The Bottom

Belly Of The Beast

They Could Never Play Me