Tunes (ft. Tony Pe$o$)


No Hard Feelings

Nothing but motivation I've been stirring...

Nothing but motivation I've been stirring

Improving my flows to put in these verses

They see the tunes playing and now they are certain

That's me on stage when they moving the curtains

Got 2 tapes on the way

Now I got them feeling nervous

Ignited Thoughts in my brain all the pain fueled the furnace yea yea

A cold heart with a burning passion

Just to make it happen on the tunes

Always causing havoc like who would imagine it's Breez

That's making the magic to ball like a Maverick


Pull up like Dirk when I listen to Durk when y'all niggas go off on the perks

Watch how beserk y'all niggas just swerve

My niggas just hop out and


I cannot help it, I'm bout the green like a Celtic

Reppin like KG, I never switch up like KD YEA

That was just facts on squad, it's fierce

I cannot slack on my job, no Fear

Gotta just show it's my time, I'm Here

So much pain on my mind, Severe

The TRUTH in these bars is real, Paul Pierce