Ease My Mind

Slim Komodo

Backwoods & Tribulations

Not all who wonder is lost ...

Not all who wonder is lost

And all them bad bitches ain’t bosses

Matter fact

Tell yo bitch to get of me

My main thang on the way

Hide that bitch in the closet

I’m so confused

How the fuck you spose to win wit then losses

These niggas lying for the clout

Man that shit is obnoxious

Wake up for the bag

Bitch I get to it often

My whole team got the gas

All my niggas is coughing

And I let my chain swang like a nigga was golfin

After I beat that pussy up I lay her shit in the coffin

I keep some dirty in my cup

And then I sip it like coffee

Don’t wanna hang wit them lames

Rather sit wit the bosses

Kneck almost break when I see the cake

On the way to the bank imma need the cake

Get respect like a nigga was Aretha Franklin

Wassup in my drank I can’t see straight

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