The Hunt ft. Fienyx

Rob Rivz


Can’t sleep, I’ve been lost up in the silence...

Can’t sleep, I’ve been lost up in the silence

Tattooed tears caught up in my inner eyelids

Window to the soul, fully tinted iris

Broke on the road, trying to hide mental mileage

‘Cause I been hauled to the junkyard

Guard dogs gnawed, I was tossed to the slum lords

Lost, off course, my coffin was onboard

Of course, my moral compass was off north

Heavily medicated, sedatives for my steady maintenance

Bet I ate it! Mmm, that’s a little taste of Heaven, ain’t it?

Dealing with some real shit, no surprise I never made it

Distilled the illness, mind forever regulated

For the sake of my well being. Hell seems

To be a place in my head with all my failed dreams

Pardon me while my face is melting

Off the pastry, just gave me my latest helping

It ain’t helping

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