420 Freestyle



Always a problem I'm having with people...

Always a problem I'm having with people

They don't want to open their mind up

It's not a game but your times up

Putting the old behind us

Mama didn't raise me lawless

It's the world that made me heartless

But now I feel the strength to depart this

420 and we blessed up

Wishing somebody would test us

I've been doing this a long time

Some people tell me I'm the next up

I don't really mean to flex nuts

Stunting has not been a hobby

I'm used to being the kid in the back of the party

I'm just rolling on my own

I've been smoking up a zone

Woah there Kemosabi

Hope I never say I'm sorry

For being me instead of just another copy

Put that on top of your lies

I'ma go strategize

While they go compromise