For the youth



Munfuckas out of pocket like loose change ...

Munfuckas out of pocket like loose change

Hanging upside down

They need to stop it

I don't do this for profit

I do it for the prophets

For the Youth

Out there in the projects

If changing my message and speech

Dropping the words and my teachings

The way that I lead

Showing these youngins succeed

Means hide all your feelings

Behind a curtain

Leave me be

Lets show em to get off the streets

To push for their goals

Not to just get college degrees

To leave legacies

No matter how hard they squeeze

To never release

You know what I mean

These prophets fulfill prophecies

And change destinies

By the day

But they never gone see

By pushing the wrong way to dream

Sabotage the youth

And the way that they breathe

That's poisoning the food that you eat

Looking at it later

Like damn what you do to me

We suppose to nourish them

But instead you bleed

Infectious disease to these seeds